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Bassano del Grappa (VI).
Colonial home of important military-historical reference, part of which dates back to the year 1300 and part to the year 1700.
The restoration, which took 17 years to complete, was carried out by a well-known architect.

Two residences were realized and set aside for the family, one for the father and one for the son, with a penthouse for guests. Materials and finishing can be seen in the workmanship that is still visible but which was partly destroyed during the last war (a turret that used to dominate the building was bombed, but its foundations are still visible in the external paving.)

» In the seven bathrooms pictured, the marble that was used comes from the quarries of this area. The floors were laid out according to designs submitted by the homeowner.

All the work was done in 'ancient sheen' finishing. Some sections of the original floors remain, while other sections have been rebuilt using the same workmanship.

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