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Stainproof, non-slip impregnator inhibiting absorption of water and greasy substances.

Special ecological repolishable wax.

Normal ecological repolishable wax.

Universal concentrated detergent for cleaning and maintenance.

Oil/water-repellent Wet-effect anti-stain for Matt 'Antico Lucido' Marble.
Marmo Antico Lucido. This is a finish created with a patented environment-friendly procedure to resemble the effect of the time-worn floors of Venice's historic houses. This original finish is produced without using pollutant abrasives and without generating any waste in the "special" category.

The matt version differs from the Matt version for a more opaque and hence duller surface, but which in any case retains a certain amount of reflection. This is truer if compared to a known marble floor that has existed for many decades. Furthermore, care and upkeep is easy and trouble-free. In fact, it only requires an oil/water-repellent treatment (KEOS 928) if any, and periodic waxing is only required to brighten it up. Scratches are much less visible on this finish. 'MARMO ANTICO LUCIDO MATT' is not recommended for exterior floors.

Recommendations for laying. Materials shoud be laid using adhesive only and the grout color should be as close as possible to the shade of the marble. Use a premixed, ready-to-use grouting material, consulting the technical departments of the supplier companies for advice. Brightly colored grouts might be absorbed by the marble, especially in the palest shades, damaging it beyond repair. Remove residues before they set to avoid later abrasion, and protect the floor carefully while the room itself is finished. Take the greatest care when laying medaillons, always keeping them horizontal to avoid chipping the dot pieces.

Unloading and unpacking. Pallets must only be unloaded from means of transport using fork-lift trucks or cranes fitted with suitable forks. Do not use slings Take the greatest care also when unpacking the boxes, in order to avoid unsightly chipping of the slabs.

Laying with wide joints. The edges of the slabs are partially rounded and without bevels. If the material is laid with wide joints, great care must be taken over these edges, to ensure that tip does not stick out, impairing the appearance and functionality of the finished floor.

Laying with 0-2mm joints. For the best results, great precision is required when forming concrete or plaster substrates for laying. An optimun finish is obtained by ensuring the edges of the slabs fit together perfectly, not allowing any parts to stick out; this defect is less noticeable if wide joints are used.

Special procedures for "Marmo Antico Lucido" puttying. As regards the technical details for "Marmo Antico Lucido" puttying, it is advisable to test the color of the putty by mixing a little with water and leaving it to dry normally, in order to achieve excellent results. In the event of any alteration, we recommend using measures to mix the putty in suitable colours, in order to produce samples with different amounts. After obtaining the required shade (or the customer's choice), we recommend mixing the relative amounts with dry putty, and only mixing a part in water, then putty the floor; at the right time, wash it with a sponge and, when the surface of the marble is dry but the putty in the grooves is still moist, apply the remaining dry putty, in order to even out any porosity and above any corners or blemishes in the edge of the tiles, which remains visible even with the sponge. Remove the rest of the putty with a soft broom, and finish the cleaning with dry rags. For an oil-water repellant protection, apply KEOS 928; this product is very effective, while being easy to apply. One litre is enough for approximately 10 sq. m., depending on the porosity of the marble. We supply KEOS 928 by request.

Practical recommendations. Remember that marble must only be cut with an electric circular saw with water-cooled diamond disc. When covering corners, cutting at 45 degrees is not recommended, because of the possibility of corner chipping. When making holes in marble, do not use the drill's percussion function.

Stains. In case of stains due to dark sawdust, oil etc., place a cloth over the stained part immediately, and keep it wet with concentrated hydrogen peroxide or thinner, then cover to delay evaporation. Repeat this operation until all the color has been removed; it may take a few days.

Shower cabin. Every time you put a marble in shower walls, it is indispensable differs frommake an oil/water repellent application immediately after complete installation before start to use the shower. Especially with Bianco Asiago, Rosso Verona/Asiago and Pink Asiago. During use of the shower, the water will enter the veins and little by littl, it will open and expand them. If the oilrepellent (or solid wax) is on the surface, this problem not exist. However the Asiago Marble has this caratheristic and it is impossible to avoid it. Also, it will be better to use an oilrepellent or wax also because the cleaning will be easier.

Repairing noticeable scratches or corrosion. If the shiny finish is accidentally noticeably scratched or corroded (by vinegar, perfume etc.), the damage can be repaired using manual abrasive, which we are able to supply on request; used with very little water, they leave no difference in the finish. However, a skilled marble worker can also solve the problem immediately with traditional abrasives. After repair, the undulating effects produced will merge with the others.

Cleaning and routine maintainance. Our vast experience in producing and laying these materials has demonstrated that it is preferable to supply the marble without treatments or wax, since during laying and grouting these would be significantly weakened, and they would also prevent the natural drying process. We believe that the best result in terms of appearance and functionality are obtained by treating the entire surface of the grouts and slabs (which are not supplied with their porous zones plugged with grout).

How to proceed. When laying has been completed and floor has dried thorougly, remove all residues carefully with hot or warm water and neutral (clinically tested) detergent "DETERGON R3" at ratio 0.1:10. Rinse thorougly and then, when the floor has dried, apply "KEOS 928" (the required quantity depends on the porosity of the marble). This is an oil and water repellent substance which is extremely easy to apply and very effective; absorbed by the marble in depth, it creates a surface film and protects against all stains for many years. Wait 18-24 hours to allow it to dry completely, then use a clean, dry cloth to remove any residues and return the surface to its original shine (an easy procedure). When the floor is new, if the surface is not sufficiently shiny, apply one coat of "PRESTIGE" ecological wax (supplied by us), diluted with water at 1:10. For routine maintainance, it is simpler to use "LOOKING" diluted at 1-2 beakers in 5 litres of water. More detailed instructions are provided on the respective cases.

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