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The firm F.lli Barbieri has been founded in the year 1974 by Bortolo Barbieri, and started to operate in the marble floors manufacturing field.

Few years later F.lli Barbieri started to manufacture marble "tozzetti", tiles with irregular shape, old-looking surface, rounded borders and homogeneous thickness. Year after year, the production grows along with the range of the available materials and finishing, in order to fulfill market requirements specializing in the satisfaction of the most exigent and sofisticated requests, with accurate and complicated executions, becoming a reference point in its field.

Idea and development
In May 1996, Giovanni Barbieri started to create a new finishing process, delivering the most realistic and ancient-looking results, in the ancient marble tradition, worn by usage and time.

Marmo Antico Lucido
Finally, in 1997, the new production method, immediately patented, brought to the development of the "Marmo Antico Lucido", which almost perfectly reproduces the surfaces of elegant aged floors with respect of the environment thanks to the maximum usage of the raw material with minimum waste.
Original old Historic "Venetian" floor
New "Marmo Antico Lucido"
In the same time, Giovanni has been developing a brand-new series of medaillons and friezes, introduced to the customers with a full range of marble shapes and types.
This is the key of the following introduction of this exclusive product in most of the best European show-rooms, giving the Marmo Antico Lucido the same prestige of its peers around the world.
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