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'Marmo Antico Lucido' is a finish obtained by means of a patented, ecological procedure which "consumes" the weakest parts of the marble and also allows the subsequent polishing. This gives an 'aged' but glossy marble, with wavy but not opaque surface, faithfully reproducing the effects of buffing and ware, without losing brightness. The matt version is certainly the most realistic one, especially if you compare it with a real aged effect floor.
The care and the maintenance are easy and without problems: the Shining Aged effect Marble needs only some possible treatments with a special repellent composed by water and oil or a standard water based penetrating seal - fournished by us on request - The wax polishing is needed only to make it more shiny should this be desirable.

In the price list we propose 79 compositions with different shapes, 22 decorative roses - everyone in various measures -, many frets and special pieces. There are also bath formats like Boiseries etc. Along stairs, in the bath and kitchen shelves, every thing is customade and completely by hand, in order to reproduce faithfully the marble manufactures of the past.

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